Weighted Grade Calculator

Weighted Grade Calculator

The popularity of Weighted final Grade Calculator has increased between students in the past few years. Due to new kind of grade calculation system; there was a need of such calculator. So, to overcome that issue, we’ve built most efficient & simple weighted grade calculator.

Instructions to Use Final Weighted Grade Calculator

  1. Fill in the boxes with suitable numbers. For Example, 1st and 2nd Quarter should be each 42.5% of your semester grade. The final exam contains 15% of your semester grade.
  2. Leave one of the box blank. The choice is between the semester grade and the final grade. It depends on which one you want to calculate.
  3. Press the suitable button to calculate grade. It depends on what you’re trying to calculate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How to calculate your weighted grade?

A. You can quickly use our calculator embedded above.