How To Calculate Weighted GPA | 100% Accurate Way

What is Weighted GPA?

Weighted GPA can be calculated after adding extra points for honours or Advanced Placement (AP) courses. It means that an “A” grade in AP course gets 5 points. Instead of 4 and a “B” grade gets 4 points instead of 3. So the ultimate GPA can exceed to 4.0.

Things to note: Many universities and colleges look at only English, Social Studies, Maths, Foreign Language and Science course’s grades to calculate the weighted GPA. Grades scored in courses like artwork, gym, woodworking, music, cooking, health, theatre, etc. might not be in consideration as necessary for the admission process.

How to Calculate Weighted GPA?

The calculation of weighted GPA using weighted gpa calculator is by considering extra weight for Advanced Placement courses (AP). AP or honors courses increment by 0.50 points and college courses by 1 point.

weighted gpa

In this, you have to pick each subject and weight and then take the overall GPA as the weighted GPA.