Sexy Steyr Model M Rifle Images

Steyr Model M Rifle

Steyr Model M Rifle

Steyr Model M Rifle

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I always liked the look of classic germanic hunting rifles Steyr Model M Rifle this one seems to be a blend of Rifke traditional schonauer rifles and the new SM12 and CLII rifes, that are made by Steyr today. The old action really makes these rifles short and compact.

Steyr Model M Rifle Madison Edwards

All items will be packaged and shipped through Canada Post. Go to for shipping quotes for non firearm related items. Styr costs very accordingly.

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Steyr mannlicher price. Hooded, ramped beaded blade front and fixed rear notch sights, standard barrel and receiver markings with Austrian proofs, and "69" proof date. Remington Carbine Caliber.

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