Semester Grade Calculator

Want to know, “How to calculate my final grade?“. Read ahead about out Semester Grade Calculator now!

About Semester Grade Calculator

You can easily calculate your semester grades based on your quarterly and final grade weighting percentages by using our Semester grade calculator.

How to Calculate Semester Grades?

In this midterm grade calculator, the semester grades of a student can be calculated based on the weighted average of your quarterly and final grades.

1. Calculate my semester grade:

If you already have your finals grades, then you can calculate your semester grades in semester exam calculator. This is by factoring your weighted quarter grades and final grades.

2. What do I have to get on the exam?:

As you know, your final exam grades are not available for you until the end. And this is why they are not included when you are calculating your overall grade at present. So you have to factor all the other categories to calculate the minimum grade that you want to score in your final exams.

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