High School GPA Calculator

A GPA (Grade Point Average) converts percents or letters into numbers and then calculates the average of these numbers. This GPA is calculated because it is quite useful as it allows colleges to compare our grades among other students efficiently. Thus, finding it efficiently is necessary and that is where this High School GPA Calculator comes into play.

The high school GPA calculator is used by the students for estimation the outcome of semester grades. The semester grades on the overall average can be calculated by using this High School GPA Calculator. It allows you to calculate weighted and unweighted grades. Weighted GPA uses a scale from 0.0 to 4.0 while unweighted GPA uses a scale from 0.0 to 5.0 and provides high numerical values.

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  • Pro Tip: – Give a try to our grade calculator to efficiently calculate your course assessment grades and the final test grades.

How to Calculate High School GPA?

Here are a few instructions you need to know about the gpa calculator high school version:

1. Select Your Grade Format

At first, you need to select a particular grade format in high school GPA calculator. There are two grade formats available that is, letters and percentage. The range of percentage is from 100% to 60% and the range of letters format is from A+ to F.

After that, select the course type from the drop-down menu. The grade is chosen for each class. Thus answering your question of “How to find high school gpa?“. There will be a few options available which are regular, honors, college, AP, IB. You have to select one of them. Grades which are entered in regular column will be assigned standard grade points. Grades entered in college column will be assigned whole grade point. And, in the honors column, grades will be weighted by half grade point.

2. Type Your Current GPA (Optional)

Next one is to enter the current GPA. This step is optional though. It’s your choice to enter this data for better use of the gpa calculator high school version.

3. Customize Your Semester Name (Optional)

To remember it quickly, you can customize the semester name also. Well, this is also optional.

4. Add All Courses to Calculate GPA

Now, add all the courses in high school GPA calculator. While entering your courses, you need to fill four fields- course name (optional), grade (percent or letters), credits (optional or leave as 1) and course type (regular, college, honors, AP, IB).

You can add more courses too by selecting add a course option. You need to fill the same information as above for each course.

Under your GPA option of this gpa high school calculator, you will be shown your GPA for each course.

High School GPA Calculator – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can a high school calculator be used if I don’t have Transcripts Made Easy?

A. Yes, the calculators can be used. But, you do need to know how to create a transcript that will look professional and will show your student’s achievements.

Q. What if there is a minus (-) or plus (+) present behind my grades?

A. The high school GPA calculator does not work with a minus (-) or plus (+) grades. But. If you want to use them, then add .3 for plus (+) and subtract .3 for a minus (-).

Q. Does 9th class counts grades in high school?

A. Yes, it is counted. It comes under cumulative GPA which is used by some universities and colleges.

Q. What is the method for calculation of weighted high school GPA?

A. Follow the given below steps for the calculation of weighted high school GPA with this highschool gpa calculator:

  1. Convert all letters into grade points.
  2. Add all the grade points.
  3. Divide the sum of all grade points by the number of class credits.

Q. Do pass/no pass courses are factored?

A. No, they are not factored in high school GPA.

Q. Do incomplete or withdrawn courses receive grade points?

A. No, they don’t receive any points. They are not even considered to calculate gpa high school student.