How to Get into Grad School With a Low GPA

    get into Grad school with a low GPA

    Going into this article, I want you, the reader, to look at whatever you’re going to read in one of two ways: One, this serves as a guide which I hope this has enough useful information to let you get into Grad school with a low GPA.

    Alternatively, and this is not an excuse for having a low GPA, you are able to discover how you believe your life will pan out and be able to choose a Grad school which you think will allow you to reach your dreams and goals, and be able to do that in spite of what your GPA is able to express, or rather, not express.

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    A significant role in deciding which Grad school you are able to go to is your GPA, among other factors, and something has happened, maybe, through no fault of yours, perhaps, entirely at your own hands, but you are reading this article with the stamp of disapproval that is your low GPA.

    You seek to move past this, to ensure you are still able to get admission or a scholarship, and study in that one college, maybe it was Harvard, maybe it was Yale, it’s perhaps some college no one knows about, but you do, and you know you want to be there.

    6 Ways to Get into Grad School With a Low GPA

    A critical player going forward will be you covering your losses by demonstrating you are still worthy of the admission and here are some ways how:

    Before proceeding, refer:

    Acing any Other Requirements Attached to Admission

    In specific, if you were maybe considering pursuing an MBA, ensuring that your GMAT or GRE scores are reflective of the fact that you are well-equipped to handle what the course is going to throw at you in the next year(s) of education.

    Despite your low GPA, if you are able to put in enough hard work and achieve a remarkable score on entrance tests, you reinforce the faith that an admissions selector will have in you.  You can now get into grad school with a low GPA. And make him dismiss your low scores on grounds such as circumstances beyond your control.

    Perfecting Statement of Purpose

    Now is your chance to tell the admissions selector who you are outside of your score. You can now get into grad school with a low GPA! You are a whole person with these various layers, and you are going to be at this Grad school studying what you want to, because this is what it’s all been about.

    Your life has led up to this point, and you are conversing this point across to another person. Fancy words are not the key to cracking this point, and neither is a casual essay, you are demonstrating either passion or your sheer ability or mastery over this subject, and you have nothing but your words to do the same. Choose your words wisely.


    Letters of recommendation can show that someone believes in your ability to do something and this, like the statement of purpose, can back up a lack of a high GPA, especially when there is credibility attached to said recommendation. So, along with efforts to increase credibility, maybe an employer from an internship or a job, a professor, and even your parents or relatives.

    You ensure that they not only have confidence in your abilities already, but believe that you have the potential to further translate those abilities into something that makes you a perfect fit for the course you intend to pursue, and are able to express these feelings rightly on these letters.

    All-Round Development

    This is another one of the methods to get into grad school with a low GPA. Doing extra and co-curricular activities outside of your studies in the relevant field, gives a more accurate picture of the fact that you also have real-world experience and practice to do things outside of the textbook as often happens in the real world. Read relevant books, do internships, do competitions, listen to professionals and experts and be able to produce evidence and an insight from all these activities you have undertaken.

    Work Experience

    Almost all Grad schools specify that work experience is appreciated, but not necessary. Doing this will admittedly delay the process of admissions by a year or two at least, but will work wonders on your application and increase your chances by a substantial amount, and you might even get sponsored by your workplace in exchange for returning to work for them.

    Miscellaneous Efforts

    Try to demonstrate expertise in your subject by writing and publishing papers and research theses. Visit faculty members at the grad school and keep an open line of communication with them. Look for and take up examinations which are not explicitly required as an entrance requirement but will show that you are an exemplary candidate.


    With these tips, I hope that you are able to sit down and evaluate what you want in life before applying to Grad school. Hope this answers your question of – How to get into grad school with a low GPA? This is the only thing separating you from your work-life ahead and is the time for you to do what makes you happy and keeps you content.


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