How to Form your own College Study Team | 8 Best Ways

    form your own college study team

    After a while studying alone can be very difficult, mainly when studying an unknown topic. It might be feasible that an array of other personnel known other aspects of the topic a little more. Bringing together these very unique group of people and creating a study team can make the possibilities higher of understanding the particular topic quickly while also enhancing the chances of success in the upcoming academic examinations.

    8 Ways to Form your own College Study Team


    Find your team

    The easiest way to find a person to start your team is to converse with the person sitting alongside you. If you both are not familiar with one another, make conversation by introducing yourself and question them about the topics discussed in the class. This will help you to bond with them, and gradually you can ask them if they are interested in studying together with you. Mostly the chances are they will also know someone who wants to study in a team and would like to join in. Moreover, you should also tell your friends to join in. You can also involve the seniors of your institution to lead the team.

    Keep the size in check

    If you are planning to study together on a weekly basis more than six members are unlikely to be taking part. If there will be more members for weekly studies, it will be challenging to schedule a time which is comfortable for all of them. But, at the time of exams, you can opt for a bigger story team because it will be easy to schedule and everyone will give in their maximum efforts to be better in solving the problems that might occur.

    Make a fixed place

    Always find a place which has the least amount of distractions. The library in your institution is a beautiful place to start, only if someone else would not interfere in your group studies with your members. The only downfalls in studying in a library if you have to maintain silence and some members might not open up as they would in a personal space of their own. Try to find a study area, like a small uncrowded café, or an empty class.

    Plan the Topic Beforehand

    You can start by studying the course that is done in your institution by revising each class on a weekly basis. Looking and preparing from previous exams study guides can also be beneficial. It can also become more comfortable if you split up the work among yourselves, i.e., dividing the chapters that and an assign them to the person who knows it well and takes turns weekly to discuss on the different accepts of the given topic in hand.

    Stay Connected

    It’s is very necessary to connect with all the members of the group. You should also start connected with the professors of that particular subject to find more insights on the topic. Mostly, nowadays everyone is connected with one another through social media and you can also create a group of your own to discuss the problematic topics in there too.

    Participation is Key

    As a member of a study team always make sure that everyone is taking part in the conversation. This does help not only the group but also each and every individual that is in the group. Encourage every to put forward their own views and ideas and also keep your personal views in front of everyone. Listen to everything that the other members have to say and always keep a friendly and judgemental free environment with the team and among yourselves in general.

    Questioning, Discussion and Debates

    These three above mentioned terms are very important for a study team to reach its goal.

    Always ask the important questions within the team and encourage other members also to put forward their own question. Discuss each and every topic thoroughly and don’t leave any topic unnoticed. Always complete the topics in hand before ending any study session and make sure to check that everyone’s doubts are cleared during this study session.

    Host debates after some interval’s to enhance the quality of the discussion and also to bring out the facts and thought among the other members that they know. Don’t do debates on a regular basis or else it will become monotonous and always make sure to keep the hard topics of the subjects as the topics of the debates.


    Make questions or take mock tests among yourselves to improve your Knowledge even more on the given topic. Always try to keep one another sharp and well revised and also everyone should be known to each other’s progress and what they have read till now.


    These steps mentioned above are a few basic steps to create your own study team. All they will help you to create the base of a good study team and help you fulfill the needs of a study team, i.e. to understand the topics with the help of other members in the group and gain knowledge.


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