College GPA Calculator

Every student should know that college grades are as important as school grades because your college grades determine your next move as they decide whether you will be able to pursue your desired course for further studies or not. Also, a lot of companies sometimes offer jobs to students based on their merit. So it is good to calculate your college course grades regularly to be aware of your performance each semester. Our easy to use College GPA Calculator can help you to calculate your GPA and final test grades so that you can plan up your study strategies accordingly to improve your grades.

It doesn’t matter whether you are pursuing an online degree course or are in a community college campus and whatever course you are pursuing our College Grade Calculator covers all these.

  • You can also try our easy to use grade calculator tool to calculate course grade assessment & final test grades.

Instructions to Use College GPA Calculator | GPA Calculator College

You can find your GPA in a few minutes by using the following instructions:

  • Add Your Letter Grade
  • Add Your Class Credits
  • Calculate Your GPA

Add Your Letter Grade

Select your current letter grade to figure out your GPA. If you do not have your exact grade, you can ask your teachers about it or choose any expected grade to use to calculate gpa college as an estimate of your marks. Grades range from an A+ to F on the grade scale.

Add Your Class Credits

Enter your grades and the credit earned for each class. For Example, if you have scored ‘A’ grade for a 4 credit class then enter the number 4 to calculate the value. You can add up weighted as well as unweighted high school classes. The weighted classes can earn you extra points in the GPA scale while Unweighted classes are regular and they do not earn you any extra points.

Enter the counts of all your grades that you have earned up till now in your course. Your Semester GPA is calculated using Semester GPA Calculator. Now if you click on the Add another class button with gpa calculator college, your GPA will be calculated for all subjects and grades you have entered. Add another class option depends on how many classes you have. Some people may have 4 or 5; it varies per individual.

Calculate Your GPA

You can calculate your final GPA for all semesters from gpa college calculator by clicking on the Add another semester button as mentioned above in College GPA Calculator. The calculator updates semester GPA and the aggregate cumulative GPA simultaneously when you keep adding letter grade and class weight. You can choose to add multiple semesters to calculate your aggregate and per semester weighted GPA.

By updating your GPA throughout the year, you can regularly check how close you are to achieve your academic goals. The feedback that you receive after calculating your cumulative GPA score will show you the necessity to make any changes in your study habits for your assignments, review and exams. So, this was all about overall GPA calculator.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Do Pass/No Pass (P/NP) courses are factored in?

A. No.

Q. How to calculate college GPA?

A. You can use our College GPA Calculator as mentioned above.

Q. Do In-completes (I) and Withdrawals (W) receive grade points?

A. No. They don’t receive grade points & don’t have any effect on the GPA.

Q. How to Calculate AP or Honors Courses?

A. In the case of AP (Advanced Placement) or Honors courses, grade points are usually weighted. For instance: a half point (.50) is summed up for Honors courses and a whole point (1.0) is summed up for AP courses. Due to this A is valued at 4.50 for an Honors class and 5 for an AP class. However, you can contact your college to get more information on their grading system because schools might have different criteria for assigning value.

Q. I’m having very low GPA. How do I improve my GPA?

A. You can improve your GPA using our online tool. Simply, figure out what GPA will you need in final to raise your GPA and can then recheck with our grade calculator college again.

Q. How can I calculate my grades efficiently?

A. You can use our grade calculator to figure out your study grades.

So, this was all about college GPA calculator. Reach out & calculate your grades.