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How to Get into Grad School With a Low GPA

get into Grad school with a low GPA

Going into this article, I want you, the reader, to look at whatever you’re going to read in one of two ways: One, this serves as a guide which I hope this has enough useful information to let you get into Grad school with a low GPA.

Alternatively, and this is not an excuse for having a low GPA, you are able to discover how you believe your life will pan out and be able to choose a Grad school which you think will allow you to reach your dreams and goals, and be able to do that in spite of what your GPA is able to express, or rather, not express.

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A significant role in deciding which Grad school you are able to go to is your GPA, among other factors, and something has happened, maybe, through no fault of yours, perhaps, entirely at your own hands, but you are reading this article with the stamp of disapproval that is your low GPA.

You seek to move past this, to ensure you are still able to get admission or a scholarship, and study in that one college, maybe it was Harvard, maybe it was Yale, it’s perhaps some college no one knows about, but you do, and you know you want to be there.

6 Ways to Get into Grad School With a Low GPA

A critical player going forward will be you covering your losses by demonstrating you are still worthy of the admission and here are some ways how:

Before proceeding, refer:

Acing any Other Requirements Attached to Admission

In specific, if you were maybe considering pursuing an MBA, ensuring that your GMAT or GRE scores are reflective of the fact that you are well-equipped to handle what the course is going to throw at you in the next year(s) of education.

Despite your low GPA, if you are able to put in enough hard work and achieve a remarkable score on entrance tests, you reinforce the faith that an admissions selector will have in you.  You can now get into grad school with a low GPA. And make him dismiss your low scores on grounds such as circumstances beyond your control.

Perfecting Statement of Purpose

Now is your chance to tell the admissions selector who you are outside of your score. You can now get into grad school with a low GPA! You are a whole person with these various layers, and you are going to be at this Grad school studying what you want to, because this is what it’s all been about.

Your life has led up to this point, and you are conversing this point across to another person. Fancy words are not the key to cracking this point, and neither is a casual essay, you are demonstrating either passion or your sheer ability or mastery over this subject, and you have nothing but your words to do the same. Choose your words wisely.


Letters of recommendation can show that someone believes in your ability to do something and this, like the statement of purpose, can back up a lack of a high GPA, especially when there is credibility attached to said recommendation. So, along with efforts to increase credibility, maybe an employer from an internship or a job, a professor, and even your parents or relatives.

You ensure that they not only have confidence in your abilities already, but believe that you have the potential to further translate those abilities into something that makes you a perfect fit for the course you intend to pursue, and are able to express these feelings rightly on these letters.

All-Round Development

This is another one of the methods to get into grad school with a low GPA. Doing extra and co-curricular activities outside of your studies in the relevant field, gives a more accurate picture of the fact that you also have real-world experience and practice to do things outside of the textbook as often happens in the real world. Read relevant books, do internships, do competitions, listen to professionals and experts and be able to produce evidence and an insight from all these activities you have undertaken.

Work Experience

Almost all Grad schools specify that work experience is appreciated, but not necessary. Doing this will admittedly delay the process of admissions by a year or two at least, but will work wonders on your application and increase your chances by a substantial amount, and you might even get sponsored by your workplace in exchange for returning to work for them.

Miscellaneous Efforts

Try to demonstrate expertise in your subject by writing and publishing papers and research theses. Visit faculty members at the grad school and keep an open line of communication with them. Look for and take up examinations which are not explicitly required as an entrance requirement but will show that you are an exemplary candidate.


With these tips, I hope that you are able to sit down and evaluate what you want in life before applying to Grad school. Hope this answers your question of – How to get into grad school with a low GPA? This is the only thing separating you from your work-life ahead and is the time for you to do what makes you happy and keeps you content.

How Important is Your GPA? Completely Explained

How Important is Your GPA

In today’s competitive world, everyone is behind success. The level of competition is very high and is only growing at an enormous rate. So it takes a bunch for us to prove ourselves to stand unique in the crowd which is very much necessary for us to be successful.

Now, What actually is GPA? How is GPA related to success and how does it fetch money? GPA stands for Grade Point Average. It measures your academic performance. GPA is one of those objective measures that you can straight away be differentiated on and is genuinely one of the best quantitative assessments of yourself. Just at a glance, it defines how hardworking and passionate you are. So students with a higher GPA will have better chances to create a good impression initially.

With all the efforts put in and having a fun time, everyone gets a degree but what matters later in your career the most is not the degree but the GPA since everyone will have a degree but not a good GPA. When you finish school, you will have to pay considerable amounts to clear off expensive loans. You can have waivers and scholarships on these loans if you can manage to get better GPAs.

The scholarships can be partially refunding your loan amount or can be a full-fledged scholarship that takes care of your dorm as well. This will result in reducing the stress and money you have to bear while you work. Students usually seek for an internship or a part-time job to bear their expenses. So without any prior experience, how can companies assess to what extent students are willing to apply themselves at whatever they ask to do? The answer will be, looking at your GPA to make a quick a decision whom to pick. So this will get you a good internship while you are in school and also an excellent opportunity to convert into a full-time offer.

What after school? It will be either getting a good placement. If you want to go for an excellent job or furthering your education, what do companies look for is what matters. There will be many choices for companies because you along with your classmates will be looking for all kinds of opportunities.

Again, there will be heavy competition for the jobs that are highly paid. Some large companies will ask you to meet basic GPA required to attend their job interviews. High GPA will act as a pathway for you to apply for more job opportunities and attractive industries like investment banking, consulting, finance and becomes an entry point for big companies which will, in turn, pay you high salaries. High GPA will always make your resume look great and will let companies chose you over others for this reason.

It tells them that you put in your sincere efforts to achieve your goals. It will state the extent of knowledge you possess and the grip you hold over the subjects. The GPA will clearly be a reflection of your consistency and perseverance which will be some of those attributes that companies really want their employees to be good at.

If you decide to pursue higher education, you should have a high GPA for you to get admission into top universities. Of course, there are many alternatives for you to get a good school, but it will be a lot easier if you can maintain a good GPA. Good universities will again need you to pay their lump sum fees. Applications with good GPA s will fetch you fee waivers and scholarships for you to have less burden.

If you can have such good schools on your resume, it will lead to the right opportunities for your career progression be it in the form of research opportunities or job opportunities. So a good GPA will be a key to get admission into top colleges that act as a platform for you to get good jobs which will pay you good salaries and opportunities.

In addition to these, you will be asked to repeat your curriculum and be placed under academic probation if your GPA drops below some basic threshold. This will require you to pay expensive fees again for your semesters. On a similar account, it is very much required for you to maintain your GPA to be eligible for your scholarships and fee waivers.
Also, a high GPA will reward you with merit-based awards and academic honors.

Considering all these factors, one should not come to the conclusion that GPA is everything that plays an important role. But higher GPA certainly means cash in your pockets and for sure gives you higher chances of success and social branding that puts you far ahead of others in the race. It will gain you respect and social status among your parents, professors, friends, and family. Put in your best efforts to get good grades and as well enjoy your time because GPA is worth giving that tough fight than sacrificing it for some youthful fun!

How to Choose your College Major? Top 5 Important Points

Choose your College Major

Being a first-year student, whatever I offer here is truly my own experience. And I was so confused that ended up, taking Major-Minor IN Physics and maths and not honors in Bachelors in Science.

Reading several blogs, self-help books- especially, ‘’Ready study GO! BY Khurshed Batliwala and Dinesh Ghodke, that true calling and fulfillment is in performing something that quenches the soul, that feeds the body, that serves the world, and that; you are not just another of the many Mr. Graduates has made me write this for all the beautiful confused people out here.

5 Necessary Points to Know Before You Choose your College Major

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Make A Choice!

When finally one is out of the study-mandatory-allotted-subjects system, and have the choice of subjects, don’t just wait and let your friends, family, and acquaintance talk you out of the risks that follow what you want to achieve, the path you wish to choose. The stream and subject you really want to major in.

If you are comfortable being uncomfortable, then choose that really challenges you, that drives you nuts every time you think of it, you really can’t do math then I don’t suggest you do it anyway, and fail miserably, there is nothing you don’t really like, its either you lack practice or your approach to master that skill is terribly wrong.

If you want to be an Astrophysicists really bad or you want to be a Banker, but your marks in account subject are lower than your then crushes’ interest in you, or that the math teacher gives you creeps at the very thought of sitting in her class, then you have to make serious decisions, its either you change your ambition or work hard in subjects that are crucial to research and discover as an astrophysicist finally or to sit on that manager’s chair in that well know bank.

Don’t follow the Crowd!

Mothers have always imprinted in us that, do what your friend does, ‘’you’ll have company’’, ‘’you won’t be left alone’’, ‘’you’ll have the help needed’’ this leads to the vicious belief of ‘my friend knows better’ or ‘my friend knows the best’.

I am not against Mothers or friends, but the majority of the decisions according to me are out of either utter peer-pressure or fear Of BEING LEFT OUT, OUTCAST and a LONER!
Your friend is an entirely different human so is so your mother, and so are you. Your dreams, your ambitions, your goals are not theirs, for that matter, they may never fathom what your dreams mean until you realize them or until you have that ultimate job that pays the highest according to them.

Parents also try, at least middle-class families do, is that they want their children to finish education fast and start paying the house rent, the loans they once took for their marriage, the car installment that they couldn’t afford and so. These aren’t your goal, nor are they your responsibilities.

It’s nice to be considerate towards your family and friends, but never let your goals die at the cost of making someone happy or never carry somebody else’s cross.

You want to help them, pursue your goals, have a hobby that pays you, be a freelancer, get an internship so; at least you could pay your own expense. And let them continue to pay for their liabilities, not worry you about them.

Be Certain of Your Priorities

Speaking of friendship, don’t bend towards where girlfriend/boyfriend needs shade. Students at this age are naive, they make promises, they falter, they break, and then one is left with nothing but a broken heart and a degree they never liked. Or worse, they just talk you out; just like your parents, they want you to themselves. Moreover, un-subconsciously they are just trying to protect you stereotypically, which is normal and human for any love-drenched-soul with mind and a heart but brain.

I have seen so many optimistic people turn just another of the many heart-broken pessimists. They are broken beyond measure, and their dreams have been shattered, because they just pictured the other half in them all the time. Beware, BE CAREFUL, It’s just the mouth that speaks, life is a long run, not summoned in few fake rainbows promised.

Being unsure of is okay!

You will never know if you really like without really trying it in the first place. It’s thoroughly fine to be confused, to be lost, to be unsure off. With so many people successful in what they really like, there are also who succeeded in being dropouts, who did well in economics, after failing the first year in psychology. Don’t be in that impression that you will lose a year or something. No, just give it a try.

Be a Smart Student!

By being smart, I don’t mean to have the knowledge of the distance between the moon and you. There are stories of people studying something and working utterly in a different. Beware again, study something that in five/ten years, no matter what, the world would be in need to pay you for it.

A lot of students were pursuing Geology in recent years in Goa, as mining was peaking, but when students finally graduated, mining was banned in Goa, which left a high percentage of students unemployed and a lot to pursue courses in fields like tourism.


How to Form your own College Study Team | 8 Best Ways

form your own college study team

After a while studying alone can be very difficult, mainly when studying an unknown topic. It might be feasible that an array of other personnel known other aspects of the topic a little more. Bringing together these very unique group of people and creating a study team can make the possibilities higher of understanding the particular topic quickly while also enhancing the chances of success in the upcoming academic examinations.

8 Ways to Form your own College Study Team


Find your team

The easiest way to find a person to start your team is to converse with the person sitting alongside you. If you both are not familiar with one another, make conversation by introducing yourself and question them about the topics discussed in the class. This will help you to bond with them, and gradually you can ask them if they are interested in studying together with you. Mostly the chances are they will also know someone who wants to study in a team and would like to join in. Moreover, you should also tell your friends to join in. You can also involve the seniors of your institution to lead the team.

Keep the size in check

If you are planning to study together on a weekly basis more than six members are unlikely to be taking part. If there will be more members for weekly studies, it will be challenging to schedule a time which is comfortable for all of them. But, at the time of exams, you can opt for a bigger story team because it will be easy to schedule and everyone will give in their maximum efforts to be better in solving the problems that might occur.

Make a fixed place

Always find a place which has the least amount of distractions. The library in your institution is a beautiful place to start, only if someone else would not interfere in your group studies with your members. The only downfalls in studying in a library if you have to maintain silence and some members might not open up as they would in a personal space of their own. Try to find a study area, like a small uncrowded café, or an empty class.

Plan the Topic Beforehand

You can start by studying the course that is done in your institution by revising each class on a weekly basis. Looking and preparing from previous exams study guides can also be beneficial. It can also become more comfortable if you split up the work among yourselves, i.e., dividing the chapters that and an assign them to the person who knows it well and takes turns weekly to discuss on the different accepts of the given topic in hand.

Stay Connected

It’s is very necessary to connect with all the members of the group. You should also start connected with the professors of that particular subject to find more insights on the topic. Mostly, nowadays everyone is connected with one another through social media and you can also create a group of your own to discuss the problematic topics in there too.

Participation is Key

As a member of a study team always make sure that everyone is taking part in the conversation. This does help not only the group but also each and every individual that is in the group. Encourage every to put forward their own views and ideas and also keep your personal views in front of everyone. Listen to everything that the other members have to say and always keep a friendly and judgemental free environment with the team and among yourselves in general.

Questioning, Discussion and Debates

These three above mentioned terms are very important for a study team to reach its goal.

Always ask the important questions within the team and encourage other members also to put forward their own question. Discuss each and every topic thoroughly and don’t leave any topic unnoticed. Always complete the topics in hand before ending any study session and make sure to check that everyone’s doubts are cleared during this study session.

Host debates after some interval’s to enhance the quality of the discussion and also to bring out the facts and thought among the other members that they know. Don’t do debates on a regular basis or else it will become monotonous and always make sure to keep the hard topics of the subjects as the topics of the debates.


Make questions or take mock tests among yourselves to improve your Knowledge even more on the given topic. Always try to keep one another sharp and well revised and also everyone should be known to each other’s progress and what they have read till now.


These steps mentioned above are a few basic steps to create your own study team. All they will help you to create the base of a good study team and help you fulfill the needs of a study team, i.e. to understand the topics with the help of other members in the group and gain knowledge.

How to Avoid Senior Slide? Top Things to Remember

How to Avoid Senior Slide

Everyone is experiencing a senior slide in his/her lifetime as we grow old. As we move from one position to the next level of the higher position we are surrounded by lots of juniors and a lot of responsibilities on self. As we grow the main effect of the senior slide is stress, the stress of doing everything in a go, the stress of not left out in a line.

Everyone seems to be in the same puddle of a senior slide, but the thing is who is going to make a clear path from it and show the willingness. As when we are in our school days, we are changing classes, especially from high school to intermediate. We all experience some kind of senior slide like what subjects to take, what college to choose, a lot of things about registering the good colleges in time.

If someone is on senior slide one can avoid it by relaxing for some time and go out for some fun and other exciting stuff. Because seniors got very tired of working from past so many years, so they feel anxiety, so best is they can have their me time and relax a bit in meanwhile.

You can change yourself for avoiding senior slide, as you gain some good habits in oneself or you can earn something good for future use. Learn new technologies, new things and make yourself busy to be less stressed by the other stuff. Participate in co-curricular activities, participate in different sports of your choice, participate in music, art and do volunteer somewhere.

If you are feeling senior slide, you can consult your teachers and counselors and discuss with them your future aspects as your teachers and other mats are always talking about the next chapter of your life. Everyone planning something, in between if you are feeling the slide you can consult with the ethical counselors.

If you are planning for the best future, you can prepare for the higher studies and maybe a job. Most of choose to do higher studies of their interest as it proved to be good for a perfect future. But you can also opt for the job opportunities as it gives you an experience of working and along with that you can also do study for good.

When you are planning for the future term, you can prepare for the best for you as you can opt the technical colleges if you are good in the technical terms. You can also choose for the universities as they will explore you to the broad areas. It is also possible to join the vocational course or colleges. You can do bachelors, masters, doctoral, postdoctoral degrees which make your way to the high earnings.

As you are planning, you can opt for the colleges or the universities either private or government. As the universities will provide you a big space of approach towards various fields, interest, vast libraries, more extensive laboratories, and various graduate courses. While the colleges offer you a personal space with more interactions between students and teachers, proper discussion and small classes.

As you are planning something and not getting somewhere and can’t think what to choose and don’t have enough information about the different colleges, you can go meet and ask to the defined representatives of the particular college or universities. As you can get more detailed information about the college, programs and the environment when you go and ask to their specified authorities.

If you want to learn more, you can do internships, workshops and can join camp which will enhance your skills and make you better in personal life too. As you are planning for the future term you have to decide first what you want, are you ready to opt the educational programs or want to work somewhere to gain experience?

If you are preparing for some admission exams in any college or university, you have to make preparations for it. You should know the testing criteria of them what kind of syllabus they cover, how they set the examination papers what their marking schemes are. You have to have a deep through knowledge of the whole curriculum of the particular college or university.

When you are opting for the colleges or universities, you should be aware of the different scholarships, loans, grants and lots of work from home internships as they will help you in making your expenses less. If your planning goes well, but the cost price panics you, you just have to know about the other ways to lessen your cost price by applying for different loans or scholarships.

If you are applying somewhere and want to get the financial aid, you have to apply to loans and should follow the proper rules according to the norms of the colleges and universities. Avoid having mistaken in the procedures as it may decrease your chances of getting any aid from the scholarships and also decrease your chances of gaining admission there.

How to Get Into Your Dream College Without a High GPA

How to Get Into Your Dream College Without a High GPA

Learn how to Get Into Your Dream College Without a High GPA immediately with this trusted guide that we have compiled for you.

5 Ways to Get Into Your Dream College Without a High GPA

The Psychological Myth

“A high GPA will get you the best college”. We live in a society where this myth is followed blindly. But the reality is that for getting your dream college you cannot only rely on your grades but also need some excellent interpersonal skills.

Psychological Myth
Psychological Myth

Today we find many students who work hard only on their grades and pay no emphasis on their personal development. Also sometimes there can be many factors behind your low grades, like some family crisis, ill health, temporary distractions, etc. Therefore, there are many other criterion on which you can get admitted into your dream college.

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Extra-curricular activities

Apart from academics your non-academic activities also play a significant role in establishing your career. In the present scenario, colleges want not only students with good grades but also promote students with great extracurricular activities. There are various quotas in a college for admitting students.


Colleges today promote many sports events that can give some fame to their college. Hence, there are sports quotas which have some limited seats on which students get admitted.


Cultural quotas have some reserved seats for students who are good in dance, dramatics, singing and various other fields similar to it.

So, if you have a low GPA then don’t get discouraged easily, just brush up your co-curricular activities and you are all set to live your dream life.

Cracking those competitive exams

Sometimes your GPA decreases because of any particular subject. That doesn’t mean you are not capable enough to reach those heights in your life. It is only about the interest of a student in a particular field. So, never allow that one subject spoils your future. The major solution for these low grades is competitive exams.

Many colleges have some set pattern exams that are needed to be qualified for getting admitted. These exams are bonuses for a low GPA student to boost up its application. There you will get another chance to prove yourself and secure a better future. Just get a hike in your test scores, and there it is, your dream college is waiting for you.

Refer: Final Grade Calculator

Gap Year

Another selection to Get Into Your Dream College Without a High GPA that you can opt for is following that whole procedure again. This simply means giving your high school exams again and scoring better grades this time. If you really wish to get into your desired college then take a gap year.

During that year figure out the reasons for your low marks and try to resolve them. Give yourself a second chance. Put that year into use, work harder and get a good GPA. Then your path will be completely clear, and you can readily get admitted.

The Legacy Game

This is one of the simplest methods of getting admitted into a college. If you have a low GPA and are opting for no methods mentioned above, then this legacy game will become your savior. Find out if any of your relatives or family members were ever related to that college by any means then that can be very helpful.

They can give your recommendation or use their legacy power or source to get you admitted in your dream college. Even if you have excellent terms with any of your teachers at high school, then that can be helpful too. They can also pass a letter of recommendation defining your strengths and reasons for your selection.


These numbers can never decide your future. Hope this article helped you on how to Get Into Your Dream College Without a High GPA. Whenever finding the right college, always keep a calm and open mindset and choose wisely. Don’t get discouraged if in first attempt you are not achieving your goals, just wait for the right time and things will automatically get onto the path. Prove you are more than grades and only marks can never decide your future. Never give up too quickly, try finding various, and you will achieve your goal.